Friday, December 1, 2017

Rescues Rock

We have been rescuing dogs and cats longer than the term “rescue” was even a thing.  We have been blessed with so much unconditional love over the years.

Our newest rescue, Otto, is a challenge, to say the least.  He is still a puppy, if you can call a muscular 70-pound beast a puppy.  He is less than a year old and has only been with us for a few months.  He suffers from severe separation anxiety which, when translated, equals a lot of destruction.  I think he could destroy a bowling ball in less than five minutes.
A rare moment -- Otto being good (sleeping)

He joined our other two indoor rescue dogs, Sophie, who is five and Charlie, who is two.  We’ve had to adjust everything throughout our daily lives, just to lessen Otto’s destructive behavior.  We can't let him into the back yard because we free-range our chickens and he killed several before we discovered his propensity for chicken-chasing.  We can’t let him into the pasture because he chases and mauls the goats.  Even a trip to the mailbox is a dangerous activity because he can destroy several things in the two minutes we’re out of the house.  We definitely do not leave him in the house when we go out.  If we did, we wouldn’t have a house when we returned.
Otto using Charlie as a pillow

Otto and Charlie sharing a bed

We are huge proponents of rescues.  Our motto has always been “Adopt, Don’t Shop!”  But, often times, due to the lives these animals led before they were rescued, that often means they come with a lot of issues.  It takes patience, care, understanding and lots (lots, LOTS!) of love to integrate new animals into the family.  Even through all the trials, and damages, and issues with every rescue, we wouldn’t trade the experiences for all the money in the world.


To A Life Of Simplicity
Happy Homesteading!
~ Susan & Rick
Celtic Acres Farm

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