Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Go West Young (Wo)man…

“Go west young man, and grow up with the country.”  

~ attributed to John Babsone Lane Soule 1851 but often credited to Horace Greeley, who actually didn’t use the phrase until 1865

Homesteading has become the new buzzword of the times.   Its roots are buried deep in the expansion of settlers in the new country known as America.   Yet, homesteading is not defined strictly by where someone lives but is actually the culmination of lifestyle choices that people make.

What seems to differentiate farmers and settlers from true homesteaders – whether in this Country or any other – or from the current era or throughout history – is the location, i.e. rural living, sometimes to the point of isolation (whether physically, socially or communally).  Although it was practiced before, it came to the forefront in the U.S. with the Homestead Act of 1862.

Homesteading, when described in the simplest terms, is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.  In previous eras, it encompassed agricultural production and the preservation of same, as well as the production of textiles, clothing and many other crafts, structural construction, furniture making and the general processing of all available materials.  “Waste Not, Want Not.”

As the concept has evolved, modern homesteaders have incorporated the traits, talents and knowledge of our forefathers, such as growing heirloom fruits and vegetables and raising heritage livestock, mixed with renewable energy sources including wind power, water power and solar to become as self-sufficient as possible in their own self-contained settings.

To A Life Of Simplicity
Happy Homesteading!
~ Susan & Rick
Celtic Acres Farm

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About the Author:
Susan along with her husband, Rick, are the owners of Celtic Acres Farm, an organic, self-sufficient, off-grid farm where they raise chickens, ducks, goats and a pig, rescue dogs and cats, grow their own heirloom, non-gmo produce, create handmade crafts and home décor items, and strive to live a self-sustaining lifestyle while attempting to carve out that little piece of paradise where they can live free, breathe free and commune with nature.
Celtic Acres Farms is committed to healthy animals, a greener planet, recycling-reusing-repurposing, while maintaining our rural heritage and sharing it with others. We believe that we must all lead the way to a more sustainable future while never forgetting the things of the past. 

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