Thursday, June 1, 2017


No.  I haven’t disappeared.  No alien abductions.  No power outages.  No hostage situations.   I just am not sitting inside, staring at a laptop.  My online time becomes non-existent during this time of year.

Spring and Summer are when our homestead is booming… after the long, cold, rainy/snowy days of Winter, now is the time for new landscaping installations, construction projects, planting gardens, mulching, composting, watering, bush-hogging, mowing, weeding, beekeeping, grilling, and the list goes on and on.   With longer days, warmer weather, less rain and the sun just begging for us to relish in its brilliant glow, staying inside seems like a crime against nature.

Our to-do list is an ever-expanding thing, seemingly taking on a life of its own… we are always adding more and more projects before we are able to cross off just one.   Although the list is quite long, there are some projects that we’re discussing moving to the top of the list so we can start tackling them sooner.  This past holiday weekend, we knocked one of them out – it was screening in a section of the back deck (directly out the kitchen french doors) where our pit sofa and television are located.  We finally finished up early Tuesday morning and, immediately, this area became the new “fav” place of everyone – dogs, cats and the two of us.  With the fan going, the shade from the screens, soft-cushy sofas and surrounded by the sounds of nature (granted, roosters crowing does get a little old), this is an extremely peaceful, relaxing spot.

Although I do miss the interactions of the members of our facebook group and facebook page, as well as blog-interactions, tweets, instagram and pinterest posts, I wouldn’t trade our hectic Summer schedule for anything.    Life on the farm truly explodes this time of year. 

To A Life Of Simplicity.
Happy Homesteading!
~ Susan & Rick
Celtic Acres Farm

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